Development in the Groupe

Because only people deliver value, we focus on our people and what they care about.

Our Groupe is home to the most tech-savvy, creative, passionate, value-creating people in the industry.

We provide them with an environment based on accountability, merit and trust that enables the brightest, most creative, highly dedicated people to do best work of their lives.
It’s people that have built the adventure of this company over the past 90 years. And wherever they are in the network, we value them, we invest in them, and we empower them. Because it’s their energy, their creativity and their dedication that give us our strength.
Driven by a strong sense of purpose and the desire to get it right, we give creativity a free reign every day, in every corner of our business, to add value for our clients - and therefore, our people.
We want to be admired as a hotbed of learning and development for the most ambitious and talented people in the creative industries.

When asked, our clients say that what they value in their relationships with us is:

  • Expert and senior talent on the front line
  • Flexibility
  • A genuine holistic approach
  • Solid data and analytics that reveal opportunities and elevate work
  • Fresh and surprising creative ideas
  • Creativity applied in the broadest possible sense - across strategy, data analysis, media, and creative execution

And beyond what our clients say they value, we're committed to creating and delivering extra value for them: we invest in what our clients care about and need most.

Championing Talent with Tools to Succeed


Publicis Groupe’s Executive Development Program (EDP) provides our talents with a unique opportunity to interact with their peers and hone skills needed to drive an agency or network on an international scale.

Launched in 2007 under the guidance of the Groupe’s Director General, the EDP had one clear objective: to enable directors and future leaders to realize their potential by exposing them to greater responsibilities and ways of working. To achieve this, participants are invited to take part in a week-long of intensive training. Through simulated management experiences they are able to familiarize themselves with various methods, different approaches and tools they can immediately apply to their work functions.
The EDP is unique in that it encourages the development of key skills, including:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and how to think like a business leader and understand the principles of ownership and cash-flow
  • Leadership and collaboration, and how to constantly search for new sources of innovation
  • Driving change and change management

Held three times a year – in Europe, USA and Asia - the EDP encourages talents to forge new relationships with colleagues from different countries, with different nationalities and functions. Networking is a major part of the program. Between 120 and 150 of our talents are invited to take part in the EDP every year